Corporate data is a company’s most valuable asset and has to be protected and stored safely at all cost. Our backup solutions – for both physical and virtual infrastructures – provide data backup options on any storage media with optional cloud backup and disaster recovery functions where needed.


The provision of virtual servers brings with it new tasks. The back-up and recovery of virtual systems should be as simple and reliable as with real systems, and should be seamlessly integrated into the structures of the Hypervisors. Veeam supports VMware and Hyper-V

Veeam Backup provides

Standard edition

  • Simple installation
  • Reliability
  • Wide range of functions at a great price
  • Extensive support for tape drives and libraries

Additional functions on the extended editions

  • Enterprise Edition: Sandbox environment for simple testing of the back-up
  • Enterprise Edition: Single File Restore including Exchange, SQL and Active Directory
  • Enterprise Plus Edition: Cloud back-up with WAN optimisation
 Autoloader Libraries

Backup, recovery and archiving solutions that meet your special business requirements.

Even today, automated tape backup is an essential element of guaranteeing maximum long-term backup of data in companies and organisations. The product range from Overland Storage and Quantum covers a wide spectrum of requirements.

The inexpensive autoloader with up to 48 slots are not just an interesting solution for workgroups as well as SMBs. They are the ideal partners to dual backup-to-disk-to-tape (B2D2T) solutions which enable backup/recovery timeframes and high long-term protection.

For medium-sized companies and organisations with dynamic data storage we recommend midrange libraries that offer long-term investment protection benefits thanks to their modular design (upgrade of drives or interfaces) and excellent upgradeability.