Speed up your company communication while maintaining maximum security with our high-speed network components. From unmanaged to fully managed, for entry to enterprise: LAN switches, FC switches, Infiniband switches, software-defined networking, WLAN products and firewalls.

Intel Infiniband

Intel True Scale Fabric Switch 12000 Series

The Intel True Scale Fabric Switch 12000 Series of products runs with the Intel Fabric Suite (IFS). IFS simplifies InfiniBand networking with automated installation, configuration, and monitoring of the fabric. Unmatched flexibility and scale with 40Gb (QDR) products that scale from 18 to 864 ports. Ability to improve HPC cluster efficiency with industry-leading features, including: adaptive routing, dispersive routing, and Virtual Fabrics. Designed to meet the most demanding “time-to-solution” needs of the High Performance Computing (HPC) market. 40Gb (QDR) InfiniBand Switch offerings from 18 to 864 ports. Intel TrueScale ASIC architecture, with scalable, predictable performance. Comprehensive set of advanced InfiniBand features. Optional InfiniBand Fabric Suite (IFS) management solution provides expanded fabric views and a powerful set of management tools.

 10 Gbe Switches

The network should not be the limiting factor in data centres with data-hungry applications. This is why 10 GbE bandwidth is now deployed. Depending on the network's size, companies can choose between one unmanaged switch to managed Enterprise switches. Your benefits? The right choice of switch ensures unlimited data traffic and optimum system utilization.

Gigabit Switches with 10 Gbe Uplink

Building floors or larger networks require a high-performance connection to the data centre. 10 GbE uplinks are essential in Gigabit networks. They minimize bottlenecks for access to the data centre. You are guaranteed the right level of performance in all parts of your network and do not have to fear latency times with high data volumes.

Fibre Channel Switches

Designed as an entry-level solution, the SANbox5800 products from QLogic are stackable fibre-channel switches that enable companies access to a high-performance, 8 GBit/s storage network. The switches integrate seamlessly into existing 4 GBit/s installations.

To connect single models in the stack, the switches feature 20 x 8 GBit/s ports via an additional 4 x 10 GBit/s ports. Lower delay times can be achieved when sending information and data. A licence key is also available to accelerate the port speed to 20 GBit/s.

The 'pay as you grow" principle from QLogic helps you customize your network to your particular needs at the moment. You can start with an 8-port configuration (a total of 20 ports are supported by the basic version) and if the number of ports you need grows, you can activate inactive ports in four simple steps. By extending the stacks to a maximum of six components, you have a total of 120 ports available.

All systems are supplied with a single application which you can use to install, configure, monitor, diagnose and upgrade your device. The graphic user interface is easy to use and features Wizard functions to help install and manage products. Thanks to this interface, integration and management can be done without the support of an SAN expert.

Sophos Firewall Systems

Endless Security Requirements – One Solution: Sophos Appliances

Security solutions in the data centre must meet a variety of demands today.
The diversity of architectures available from physical servers for each application to completely virtualized data centres underlines the need for custom concepts specifically designed to secure your environments.

Sophos Appliances offer SMEs with a solution to meet these requirements.
Traditional firewall functions that can be upgraded with additional Web & e-mail proxy options to centrally managed WLAN and easy remote connection with RED devices can all be realized with Sophos solutions.

The advantage is easy integration into the existing infrastructure by an out-of-the-box solution which can grow with your needs.
Explore the options available to find the right security concept for your company. Our experts can help you design, deploy and operate the installation.

Network Adapters

Server and Desktop Adapters

You can find below a large selection of network adapters with up to 10 GbE and based on all commercial connection standards - from single to quad-port adapters.

Lantronix IoT Gateways

Regardless of whether you have an onsite or offsite data centre or industrial machines, medical devices, alarm systems or information displays: All of them can be a part of the Internet of Things thanks to IoT gateways.

These professional IoT gateways are used to

  • easily connect existing electronic equipment to existing networks
  • add telemetry and telematics to devices
  • make legacy printers network-compatible and
  • use many other functions.

The Lantronix portfolio to IoT gateways offers something for every application - from small simple device servers to cableless gateways.