Personal Computer

Our personal computers deliver exceptional reliability, extensive functions and features as well as high performance. The client portfolio includes office and silent PCs, fail-safe thin clients, business tablets for maximum productivity, high-performance all-in-one PCs, space-saving mini and compact PCs as well as medical and industry PCs for custom applications.

 All In One PCs

SENYO All-in-One-PCs combine a high-performance business PC and a high-resolution LED backlight display in a modern, space-saving housing. In this way, they are moving much closer to their customers' working environment and increasing user friendliness. All connections are located at the back of the display and, if necessary, can be reached very easily without impairing from the clean lines of the PCs overall.

The latest technologies ensure adequate performance and make use of the all-in-one complete solutions into a true experience. Regardless of whether in the reception area, as a customer advice workstation or as a classic office PC – SENYO All-in-One PCs with Windows 8.1 are really eye-catching and perform office applications, email and internet as well as multimedia applications intuitively and with style.

 Mini PCs

Perfection in miniature

The remarkably quiet SENYO Mini PCs combine minimum space take-up with full efficiency. Beneath their impressive case lies the cumulative power of a latest generation fully-fledged business PC. Their classic designs ensure that these little miracles – with the smallest model just about the size of an Intel boxed fan – are eye-catchers when perched on a designer desk, in a travel agency, reception area or on a trade fair stand.

The PCs in mini form factor cases are also ideal whenever a multimedia presentation talent is needed, for example in conference halls. Thanks to their compact dimensions and case volumes ranging around just 0.5 litre there are practically no space limitations regarding their set-up. With the aid of a VESA kit Mini PCs can even be fastened behind a display unit, on a wall or underneath a desk in no time at all.

Before they are delivered, all PCs are subjected to a documented, 8-hour burn-in test.

 Compact PCs

Flexible desktop solution

All compact PCs are outstanding for their low overall volume. And they also have capacity for customised expansion, despite the literally compact structure. Two PCI slots enable the systems to be adapted for specific application purposes. The tiny PCs can also be effortlessly incorporated into the network infrastructure of businesses, banks, insurance companies, and public service corporations too. They can likewise be easily positioned underneath or alongside a desk, for example in the case of local authorities or administration offices. Branded components optimally attuned to one another, and balanced performance values are the distinguishing features of the SENYO Compact PCs, and what makes them attractive workplace computers in modern office environments. Before they are delivered, all PCs are subjected to a documented, 8-hour burn-in test.

 Silent PCs

Silent PCs for professional users

Perfectly attuned branded components, along with the proprietary Silent case, come together to produce these whisper-quiet systems for professional use. Special fans ensure that air is exchanged almost imperceptibly inside this business PC. And the Notebook hard discs or SSD drives inside carry out their work just as quietly. Because it runs so quietly, all our Silent PCs are outstandingly suitable for use in very noise-sensitive environments, such as conference halls and training rooms, at customer advice points, as well as in schools and universities. If necessary the mini-towers can be expanded by means of existing system bays. Before they are delivered, all PCs are subjected to a documented, 8-hour burn-in test.

 Office PCs

Reliable PCs for professional users

Wherever expandability, flexibility and investment security are top priorities, SENYO Office PCs will reveal their full strength. Both the mini-tower and the midi-tower system provide countless expansion options, turning these PCs into individually adaptable office systems. Due to the screwless enclosure design, enabling fully tool-free installation, it is possible to expand services and systems in minimum time. SENYO Office PCs offer excellent performance along with maximum flexibility. Besides standard office applications, these systems are also extremely well suited for handling demanding multimedia applications, and for editing images and videos. Before they are delivered, all PCs are subjected to a documented, 8-hour burn-in test.

 Industrie Pcs

Optimised for industrial environment

The main feature of all SENYO Industrial PCs is their capacity for individual customisation to deal with the special demands of industrial applications. And their extended life cycle, represented by their long service life, is just as important. This is why we use only the highest quality branded components in all our industrial PCs. SENYO Industrial PCs, which are available in tower form or rack-mounted, are also distinctive for offering numerous ports, and due to their extremely robust structure, they are ideally suited to cope with the extreme external influences created by industrial use. Before they are delivered, all PCs are subjected to a documented, 8-hour burn-in test.


High-quality monitors are an essential aspect of any ergonomic workstation. Our desktop monitors as well as wide and curved displays meet the highest demands on technology and deliver the best images even for high-end graphics applications. The latest, cutting-edge touch technologies maximize user friendliness.