All our high-performance server systems are based on delivering maximum computing power and storage capacity. Easy-to-use, high availability and scalability features with maximum flexibility characterise our energy-efficient servers. Integrated management and monitoring functions make work easier by automating maintenance activities.

High Performance Cluster

Each and every piece of HPC hardware that leaves our factory undergoes a burn-in procedure of 24 hours or more if necessary. We make sure that any hardware shipped meets our and our customers’ quality requirements.

GPU Computing

GPU Computing Solutions for Servers

Accelerate your science and technical computing with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs. A companion processor to the CPU in a server, Tesla GPUs accelerate high performance computing (HPC) applications by up to 10x. The Tesla GK104-series (codenamed "Kepler-1") feature up to 4577 gigaflops of single precision performance, ECC memory error protection, and L1 and L2 cache. Tesla GK110 (codenamed "Kepler-2") features up to 2000 gigaflops of double precision performance, by means of up to 2880 cores.

 Application Server

Flexible and innovative

The application server is a high-performance server which is optimized for general enterprise applications, and also meets very high demands. Its ingenious and innovative system design provides optimum database capacity and performance. Moreover it also offers high levels of configuration and expansion flexibility - needs-oriented built-to-order special configurations can be arranged for any customer. Simple expansion and extendibility options, along with straightforward start-up and non-location-dependent administration with integral remote maintenance, all go to ensure that it can be deployed without problem. With their state-of-the-art technology, the dual socket systems provide optimum storage capacity within a maintenance-friendly architecture. And it comes with the excellent local support provided by transtec, with a customer satisfaction level of over 90%.

The CALLEO Application Servers with NVMe SSD technology are ideal for low-latency database applications and other workload-intensive applications as they combine maximum IOPS, low latency times and low energy consumption. In comparison to standard SAS/SATA SSDs with 6 Gbit/s, the NVMe SSDs can deliver six-times faster data transfer rates. With the high-performance NAS, you can store and manage growing and complex amounts of data efficiently, across department boundaries and at remote locations.

 Silent Server

Reliable and discreet

The Silent Server offers everything you need for use in an office. It is so quiet that staff can continue to work undisturbed while the server is in operation. It meets every ergonomic standard, offers a high level of data security, with rapid restore function and, with its expansion slots, can be extended easily. Workgroup applications enable productive and smooth working, and, moreover, the server is very straightforward to operate. As an “all-in-one” server solution with integratable data backup solutions and especially when combined with Microsoft Windows Service it helps small businesses and branch offices to protect their business data more effectively and increase productivity. And it comes with a remote maintenance option, as well as the excellent local support provided by transtec, with a customer satisfaction level of over 90%.

 Infrastructure Server

Economical and unassuming

The Infrastructure Server is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, offering high performance combined with low cost, and low space and power requirements. In a rack installation it requires only 1U. Its low height makes it suitable even for Telco racks. It is a dedicated single socket server optimised for subordinate IT infrastructure services, thus meeting maximum safety requirements. The cost can be kept low because it dispenses with non-essential functions and components, yet is extremely reliable. Particularly energy-saving processors such as those with Intel’s Atom architecture and high-performance Xeon processors provide the necessary performance. And it comes with the excellent local support provided by transtec, with a customer satisfaction level of over 90%.

 Datacenter Server

High performance and superior

The datacenter server is optimised for use in computer centres, and offers maximum performance combined with maximum space and energy efficiency. It can cope with high computing workloads and provides high-density computer capacity with maximum performance and productivity, while reducing the cost per workload. The blade and quad socket systems offer scalable CPU and I/O output with good main memory capacity expansion options, Enterprise Solid State support, and a broadband connection to the enterprise networks for enterprise-critical applications, virtualised environments and varying workloads consolidation. The straightforward system management with remote access makes fast preparation easy, and ensures that the datacenter server maintains high-grade serviceability. And it comes with the excellent local support provided by transtec, with a customer satisfaction level of over 90%.

Server virtualization

Space-saving, energy-saving with all-round scalability.

The transtec server bundles for virtualization offer the right foundation for your infrastructure. Fully certified, engineered and with high ROI.

To ensure an effective and stable infrastructure, we have developed special server bundles for server and desktop virtualization. Starting with our budget servers for small businesses and ranging to high-scalability performance systems for the virtualized data centre and complete data centres on four units.

Consult our experts to find the right solution for your company.