Optimum capacity utilisation with on-demand I/O performance and maximum flexibility: our wide range of storage systems deliver just that. We offer the right storage technology for every application such as block and file storage systems (NAS), software-defined storage, hyper converged storage and flash storage.

PROVIGO JBOD extension systems

PROVIGO Extension JBODs are particularly suitable for storage extensions of existing NAS systems (Network Attached Storage) or server systems. The extension units are connected to a SAS host bus adapter or SAS RAID controller with a SAS 6 Gb/s or 12 Gb/s interface. The JBOD system (Just a bunch of disks) provides the basis system with the integrated number of hard disks or SSDs (Solid State Disks).

Microsoft Storage Server

The Microsoft Storage Server guarantees a smooth and easy integration into existing Windows IT infrastructures. Native support from active directory makes it far easier to provide extensive access management, standards and safety and automate these factors. PowerShell and Microsoft Systems Center as well as various storage protocols (iSCSI, CIFS/SMB, NFS) are immediately ready to use.

Huawei Oceanstor V3 Storage

Huawei OceanStor V3 are the latest generation of unified storage systems. One of the most important features of the OceanStor V3 series is its ability to integrate block and file storage services into a system with a standard management console. HyperMetro software supports the synchronous replication at distances up to 150 km and transparent failover for block storage. Ideal for use as central SAN and file storage but also for databases and mail server environments.

Nimble Storage

The Hybrid Storage solutions from Nimble combine extremely fast NVRAM with a mixture of SSDs and high-capacity hard disks. This produces systems that offer maximum performance at minimum investment. Systems for VDI environments (Citrix, VMware), databases such as SQL, Exchange or Oracle and as virtualization platform (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi) are particularly recommended.

VDSA DataCore based Appliances

The VDSA appliances deliver far more than just non-interruptible data migration and on-site replication at distances of up to 100 km. The DataCore Software Defined Storage solution SAN-Symphony-V enables the management of all storage services in one scale-out architecture. Services such as provisioning, orchestrating and monitoring and reporting as well as reporting can be managed from a central location for each storage device. You can deploy the VDSA as both single systems as well as in cluster with synchronous and asynchronous replication. The following motto applies to these appliances: connect, switch on and start saving!