Performance is priority at transtec which is why all our workstations deliver exceptional performance. Both our 1000 and 2000 series meet the highest demands on capacity and performance. Data-intensive applications no longer take up valuable time in your day-to-day operations. Go ahead and increase your productivity!

GPU Computing

GPU Computing Solutions for Workstations

Accelerate your science and technical computing with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs. A companion processor to the CPU in a workstation, Tesla GPUs accelerate high performance computing (HPC) applications by up to 10x. The Tesla GK104-series (codenamed "Kepler-1") feature up to 4577 gigaflops of single precision performance, ECC memory error protection, and L1 and L2 cache. Tesla GK110 (codenamed "Kepler-2") features up to 2000 gigaflops of double precision performance, by means of up to 2880 cores.

For CAE/CAD applications

Mission Performance

As systems designed for maximum performance demands, 2000 series workstations leave no wish unfulfilled. For example, with their high-end NVIDIA Quadro® graphics cards, the workstations are ideal for DCC, CAD/CAE and many other applications in the visualisation and imaging fields. Equipped with up to two processors, a maximum 1 Terabyte of main memory, up to 48 Terabytes of data storage and full-length PCI cards, Workstations can cope with every type of CPU-intensive application at tremendous speed. Complex data analysis or modelling applications also benefit from the super-fast data access, made possible with the use of Enterprise Solid State disc drives.

 Workstations 1000 series

Powerful workstation from top class

Entry-level 1000 series workstations offer high levels of performance for CPU-intensive applications at affordable prices. Among other things, the Single CPU Workstations can be fitted with up to two energy-efficient NVIDIA Quadro® graphics cards for professional multi-screen environments, offer onboard RAID and they also support full-length PCI cards. It means that the systems are perfect for CAD/CAE applications. And applications within even more demanding sectors such as Digital Content Creation (DCC), Graphical Information Systems (GIS) as well as in the financial sector (brokerage) can benefit from the efficiency and tremendous flexibility of these workstations. Since they produce very little noise, the systems are convincing for their ergonomic aspects too.